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MOVE along a better career path.

You can really go places at Caesars Entertainment Corporation. Just climb aboard the most progressive career-building system in the industry and hold on as Caesars Entertainment Corporation helps you get where you want to be. With programs such as tuition reimbursement, Exploring Supervisory Opportunities, and the company-wide internal job posting system, you'll have every opportunity to turn your job at Caesars Entertainment Corporation into something more.

We promise employees the opportunity and training to develop to their full potential in a climate of dynamic growth, teamwork and open communication. Making good on that promise is what the Educational Assistance Program is all about.

The program is designed to help employees of Caesars Entertainment Corporation and its subsidiaries develop skills and knowledge to further their careers. After successfully completing the pre-approved courses and program requirements, Caesars Entertainment Corporation will reimburse eligible employees a portion of their of tuition costs**. All courses must be taken through an accredited college or university.


**Limits Apply