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SVP of Comm & Govt Relations

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My name is Jan Jones. I'm the Senior Vice President of Government Relations, Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility.

When I first came to Harrah's Entertainment, as I said, we were a small, growing company, and we were trying to really think about how did we want to position ourselves in the gaming industry

that would make us different, that would make us a company of consequence, and that would really make both the public and our customers really look at us in a different way.

Harrah's Entertainment had long been the leader in responsible gaming, putting together some of the most comprehensive training programs and responsible gaming initiatives in the industry, but we took it a step higher.

We created what we called the Code of Commitment, and the Code of Commitment was a public commitment to, first, our customers, to operate with the highest standards of integrity

and to follow the most rigorous responsible gaming programs, a commitment to our employees to the same thing,

to offer them really good jobs and opportunities for advancement, benefits, and to be a company that really cared about their welfare, and then a commitment to our

communities that we would reinvest in the communities where we would do business and that we would make it a priority to share our profits with the people that made that possible.

Part of my responsibility is not only external communications, where we communicate with the news, with public officials, with regulators, but internal communications,

where we really try to share with our employees what we're doing, how we're doing it, how they can get involved. We put together campaigns for all of the properties to talk about

Code Green and how to be a part of that, our diversity initiative, our corporate social responsibility.

The Foundation every year puts out a book that talks about how we give, who we give to, how we make the selections. We work with all of the property communicators to try to

coordinate both our Winning Together programs, which are our grass roots public initiatives; our PAC programs, which is talking about how you can give politically,

because so much of the decisions that impact our future are political; really keeping employees aware of our responsibility gaming programs, our Code of Commitment -

you know, we're always looking to find vehicles that make sure our employees are provided with up-to-date information.

I think if you're looking for a company where you can use intellectual curiosity, analytic rigor, a real confidence in the moral fiber of the company and its leadership -

if you're looking for a company that allows you to not only use your business skills but your community skills,

that allows you to give back in many different ways, that embraces what is different about you and allows you to bring those skills and really put them to use,

then there is no better company than Harrah's Entertainment.