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VP of Total Service

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My name is Terry Burns. I'm currently the Vice President of Total Service for Harrah's.

I was fortunate to join the company in 1998. Really, that was the beginning of what I

call the service profit chain era at Harrah's, and it's been rewarding for me to like kind of grow up with Harrah's through that time and see how we've, you know, evolved

and continued to add on pieces and measurements that have made the service-profit chain really part of what we are.

In my area, in Customer Satisfaction and Total Service, we have a very robust measurement system. Every week we feed to the operators of the business, people that run our hotels

and restaurants and gaming operations, a wealth of information about customer satisfaction, so they are well equipped with measurements that let them know if they're

gaining or losing ground on customer satisfaction.

Probably the best example in our company is in marketing. Through the Total Rewards program, our marketers are loaded with information that helps them make decisions on

how things like offers and rewards or changes to the program either make customers more or less loyal or change their behavior.

So when I think of the service-profit chain and how we know how we're doing or what some examples would be, I find them in the measurements, and some of the

measurements were there when we started and others we built along the way, but that's been an important part of managing in that environment.

It's very important that we stay in touch both with what our customers expect, have very specific ways, either individually that employees can try to exceed those or

organizationally we can try to exceed those, and also stay in touch with what competitors are offering, to know where we're beating competitors and perhaps where we're falling short.

So our measurement systems are built around that, and in turn we build our strategies around that.

That's really the spirit that we're trying to embrace throughout the

organization, is to say no matter where it is, what you're doing, where it is in the journey, what property you work at, that's important in developing not only how the visit goes

for the customer while they're here, but how they make decisions in the future.