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Casino Service Manager

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My name is Hosie Porter.

I'm a casino services manager, here at Harrah's.

I have been employed at Harrah's for seven-and-a-half years.

As a manager, I have to manage more than just people,

I have to lead by example. I have to get out there and build a relationship with my team.

I have to go in there and be a key member.

I set the tone for my team. I set the tone for everyone.

I love working at Harrah's because it's a challenge. It's an adventure.

When you come in, each day is never the same.

Coming in and applying yourself to the guest, internal guest, external guest, and being there for your team, makes me feel really excited to work for Harrah's.

Each day is different. Today, I may have a problem where a guest cannot reset there PIN number, so I have to go out there and reset it and call them up.

Then, tomorrow it might be a guest that had a bad day at the table games. They might say, "Hey Hosie! I lost but when I got up here to Total Rewards, I felt great!" And that's what inspires me.

It's a team. We take pride in what we do. We have team work. We have team players. And where I am, it's just like a basketball...a baseball...better yet, it's like a football...a team!

I'm the quarterback. I control the game and I have key players out there which are my receivers, and I reach out to them to throw. Everybody loves a touchdown.

So, when I throw the ball to them and they receive it and go and get that touchdown, everybody wins.