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VP of Casino Marketing

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I'm Sean McBurney. I'm the Vice President of Casino Marketing for Harrah's and the Flamingo, Bill's, and O'Sheas. I'm a 2006 graduate from Stanford Business School.

I've been with Harrah's, now, for three years. I've held three different positions in that time, and now, I'm the head of a department that's responsible for a quarter of a billion dollars in gaming revenue.

Most importantly, I love coming to work every day.

I think the great thing about the President's Associate Program is that there are finite tracks you can go into. So, if you're attracted to the operations side of the business,

there's an operations track. If you're attracted to the marketing side of the business, there's a marketing track. If you're into the planning analysis, more analytical, there's a planning and analysis track.

And the best part of each of those tracks - once you decide on one - there's really quite a bit of customization that can take place.

It's a 20-year-old program, and so the support is considerable from the frontline employees - they understand what the program's about - that they're developing future leaders for the organization

as well as the managers, directors, vice presidents, and general managers. When you become part of the President's Associate Program, you're provided, for lack of a better word, a mentor -

and they really take an active involvement in each role that you're in.

As a new President's Associate, you absolutely have to have a willingness to relocate. Typically, you see roles last between twelve to eighteen months,

and based upon the property you're at, your experiences are vastly different. We have very large destination markets such as Las Vegas, to an extent New Orleans and Atlantic City,

and a variety of frequency markets, and those businesses are fundamentally different. So getting exposure to both of those is something that you absolutely have to have in your career if you want to be successful and continue to progress.

The most successful PAs, I've seen, learned the business quickly. And I think at this stage, if you're interested in the program, the equivalent of that would be

reaching out to an existing President's Associate, or someone that's been through the program, to learn about it. And, like I said, there are discrete tracks, but within those tracks, there is so much you can customize. You can customize your experiences.

So, I think reaching out to a variety of people that have been through the program, to learn more about it, is a logical first step. It shows initiative, it shows that you know what you're getting involved in, and that it's a fit for you as well as for Harrah's.

When I drive into work, there are few days I don't look forward to being at work, and I know, from talking to my classmates, there are few — there are few of them that can say that.

And the support that you get from this organization, really, from your frontline employees to the senior-most executives, is incredible.

What I've enjoyed most about Harrah's is how quickly you're able to get ownership in this organization. So, I've been with the company for three years and I'm now heading a department that's responsible for generating a quarter of a billion dollars of gaming revenue. It's absolutely incredible.

So, when we were in business school, a lot of us were looking for opportunities to have P&L - P&L responsibility - and, gosh, we got it quickly, here, and there's just so much ownership, so, it's been a fantastic experience.