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Customer Service Representative

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My name is Trevence McNeal and

my job title is Customer Service Representative.

What ROLE do you play?

The role that I play in the success of Harrah's is bringing the guests back, welcoming the guests, making them feel comfortable and at home.

And we have a lot of regular guests that come back because they say that the hotel staff is very friendly.

What MOVES you?

I joined Harrah's because I was interested in the casino business,

working with people and interacting with great co-workers.

SING the praises of your team.

Oh, we have a great team at the hotel front desk. We work well together. We have a great time at work.

We've been working together so long, so I think that's why we interact so well together.

What INSPIRES you?

I love working at Harrah's because I am a people person so we get to interact with a lot of people. And then we just have a great staff. So I enjoy going to work.