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Chief Diversity Officer

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I've been with the company 26 years, and I actually came to the company in the risk and insurance management area, so I came in through the finance door, so to speak. So I sort of

floated up a number of promotions - first, assistant manager when I started, to manager, to senior manager, to director, to corporate director in the risk and insurance management area,

prior to leaving and coming over onto the development side, then came back to the Central Division as a regional vice president in the Central Division, spent another year and

eight or ten months there, and then was offered this job, which has corporatewide responsibility, around January of '05.

In 2008, we really started to really change the dynamic in terms of how we view this topic of diversity and inclusion. And what I just described to you, we actually started to

engage around with our leaders at that point. A lot of organizations simply look at it in one of three areas on a continuum, and typically, it's around either compliance -

and that's because of regulation, legislation, or some kind of a litigation issue, and what they do there is they view it as a forced negative from outside and they do just enough to comply.

At the next level, it's based on character. And what that means is there's some code of ethics, some moral mandate that says we need to be inclusive of everyone. But at the

third level, and this is the area where we operate at Harrah's Entertainment, is commerce. At that level, you're talking about not only attracting and retaining top talent, but you're

also talking about optimizing that talent. You're talking about doing things within the organization to become operator of

choice or partner of choice to go into new jurisdictions.

You come into this organization, you have the opportunity to optimize your talent, to be the very best you can be, and, in fact - in fact, after a time, you will begin to consider that

you've made yourself in some way personally better through your very association with this organization. Now, that is a very weighty notion, but those are the opportunities that we provide.