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SVP of Human Resources

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My name is Mary Thomas, and I am the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Harrah's Entertainment.

I think we landed on Get, Guide and Root because we had so many people thinking about who did we want to be, what was the message we wanted to share with our employees,

what were the values and principles that would guide all of us here at Harrah's to be at our very best?

And so we wanted it to be very simple. We talked about it being multi-level so I could Get, Guide and Root for my boss, or indeed my team for me, or I could Get, Guide and Root for

our customers as well as our communities, so we liked the versatility of that.

The other thing that we liked, and I liked particularly, you don't need manuals upon manuals to explain what you're trying to achieve or what your standards and principles

and values are, and so it's very simple to say, you know, "What does Get Me mean?"

People can relate to that. It's, "Who am I, and what am I supposed to be doing?" And the Guide Me is really a call to action as well.

And then, again, the third element of Root for Me is so important, that we're all trying to make each other successful, be it colleagues, be it the customers, to have fun

and to win and have a great time, or be it our communities, to really be enhanced from the relationship that they have with everybody at Harrah's.

I think the beauty of Get, Guide and Root is in its simplicity, and I do think that there's an authentic call to action

in how we go about living up to the standards of Get Me, Guide Me, and Root for Me.